Contact Back

The Deuter contact back systems provide optimal ventilation and perfect load distribution while the backpack sits close to the body.

Vented Back

The Deuter vented Aircomfort back systems with maximum ventilation for small to medium backpacks.

Race X
Race EXP Air
Trans Alpine Pro 24 SL
Trans Alpine Pro 28
Giga Bike
Road One
Superbike 14 EXP SL
Superbike 18 EXP
Compact Lite 8
Compact EXP 10 SL
Compact EXP 12
Compact EXP 16
Attack Enduro 16
Attack 18 SL
Attack 20
Attack Tour 28
Trans Alpine 32 EL
Bike I Air EXP 16
Bike I 14
Bike I 18 SL
Bike I 20
Trans Alpine 24
Trans Alpine 28 SL
Trans Alpine 30